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NBiB Guided tours @ Fringe by the sea

Groups in North Berwick whom we support

From time to time groups across North Berwick approach us to help them with their gardening needs (short & long term).  Groups such as:

1. Leuchie House: The Big Hare Trail

NBiB offered its support to Leuchie House as it celebrated its 10th anniversary. Their Big Hare Trail was a spectacular public art event comprising 10 giant Hares hopping their way across North Berwick from Saturday, 10th July in 2021 for 10 weeks.  The event has ended but you can still see one of the Hares in the country park on the southern edge of North Berwick.  Alternatively, use this link to see a short video of all the Hares.

2. Scottish Seabird Centre


Many NBIB volunteers work with the Sea Bird Centre clubs and other local groups on current environmental projects such as SOS Puffin and Restoration Forth.  Previously, we were involved with coastal groups celebrating "The Year of Coast and waters 2020". 

3. North Berwick Day Centre

NBIB helps the Day Centre with their garden area.  Volunteers carry out routine maintenance, keep the garden tidy and have helped day centre clients to plant baskets with herbs and vegetables for use in the kitchen.

4. Fringe by the Sea


NBIB has been one of the partners of the Fringe by the Sea festival since 2019, offering a guided horticultural walk as part of the programme and  'dressing' the festival village near the harbour by the provision of colourful planters, tubs and a floral bicycle. NBIB helped to ensure that waste from the festival village was recycled and there was no plastic cutlery or straws.  Since 2021 we have continued to supply floral displays for the event site in the Lodge grounds.

5.  Lime Grove

Lime Grove Community took over a derelict piece of land on their street and are transforming it into a community space where local residents can grow plants, enjoy natural planting, and sit and have a chat with their neighbours. East Lothian Council Amenities team gave the group permission to turn an old run down playpark into a vibrant space with raised vegetable beds, a herb garden and seaside shingle garden. The Amenities team built a wide wheelchair accessible path and levelled the ground. Last year volunteers from NBIB took away sacks of weeds and brambles and new donations of compost and potato boxes have helped to build up some structure. The community held an open day in 2020 (before lockdown) to put forward ideas and agree a plan for the new garden. Volunteers from the Bass Rocketeers and other groups dug out more perennial weeds and laid weed-proof membrane for the natural planting area. Donated plants were planted out to form the backbone of the new garden which hopefully will be a focal point for residents and the scene of picnics and barbecues throughout the summer months.


The successful efforts of NBiB and other volunteers have improved Lime Grove to such an extent that the Community have entered the "Its your Neighbourhood Initiative" run by the RHS and Britain in Bloom.

6NBiB volunteers join with the RSPB teams and community groups such as Cadets and Brownies on litter picks on the beaches and islands.

lime grove coffee morning.jpg

Lime Grove residents

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