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NBiB with the Bass Rockateers and the Harbour volunteers

Groups in North Berwick who work with us

1. The Gardeners of East Lothian Council.  

We work in close partnership with the Gardeners of the amenity team of East Lothian Council who are invaluable to our efforts.  They also provide support for nursery facilities for our bedding plants and hanging baskets.  They must be given credit for the layout of the formal gardens in the town, the memorial garden, the rose garden in the lodge and for maintaining the Carpet Bed in the lodge.  They change the carpet bed annually to complement a memorable moment in the town that year.  

2.  The Gardening Club

This green-fingered group are our partners in the Sunflower challenge.  These are activities which seek to get the town, especially our younger residents involved in gardening.  The Gardening Club support our fundraising activities by organising and providing plants for our joint plant sales.

3.  Business Association of North Berwick.

There has been a recent collaboration with the High Street retailers and businesses to transform the traffic-calming planters which are in place as part of the council's efforts to make the High Street safer and more pedestrian friendly.  The Business Association joined with NBIB to transform the planters into colourful additions to the High Street, filled with spring flowers and now planted up with vegetables sown by us in the spring. We have adopted the planters painting them blue and purchasing the plants.  NBiB were pleased to plant up the boxes and are now caring for the plants, watering and weeding.  

4. Sustaining North Berwick:

This group shares many of the same ideals as NBIB, in particular promoting sustainability, encouraging the use of recyclable packaging and planting trees to improve air quality. We have joined in with many of their initiatives, most recently the combined tree planting days where together, volunteers from both groups planted 1,400 trees donated by the woodland trust as part of their carbon offsetting initiative. The trees are all native species, grown locally at Alba Trees.


The tree planting inspired the Thornton family & friends to produce a video on the importance of trees.  We are pleased to provide a link to this contribution


The 2023 Carpet Bed laid by ELC gardeners celebrating 750 years of Burgh status

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