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NBiB Guided tours @ Fringe by the sea

Community Activities

Our volunteers carry out over 3,000 hours of voluntary work each year. We provide our volunteers with training, assist other 'Bloom' groups through visits and talks, and have organised training days for Beautiful Scotland.  Our volunteers wear distinctive green hi­-vis 'North Berwick in Bloom' tabards.  


Many local shops and businesses support us by keeping a 'North Berwick in Bloom' collecting can by the till. Our fundraising quiz sheets are produced by a local newsagent and are popular with visitors and locals alike.  


If you see us in town please say hello! It's always a pleasure to hear

passers-by offer encouragement or praise and makes it all worthwhile.

We are active right across North Berwick year round.  But there are a number of key events in our gardening calendar:


1. The early spring daffodil display. Through the arch at the top of the rockery in.

    the Lodge more than thirty different varieties of narcissus from each of the.

    thirteen Daffodil Society divisions are displayed

2. The later spring Tulip Festival.

3. The arrival of the hanging baskets in the High Street

4. The rotating floral display on the pallet outside Abbey Church..

We hold a number of fundraisers in the town.  During the Tulip Festival we hold a coffee morning, where volunteers serve refreshments and man stalls.  Twice a year we hold plant sales and exchanges.  Tulip bulbs from the Tulip Festival are offered at an ‘open morning‘ where members of NBIB are in attendance to meet friends and supporters.  

We are the custodians of the model lighthouse at Quality Street which has raised hundreds of pounds since it was installed.­ Children from Law Primary School help to look after it and change the displays for the different seasons.

We are interested in any activity which involves making the town look attractive and we regularly find ourselves involved with other groups in North Berwick. These activities can be loosely categorised as:

1. Groups that we collaborate with

2. Groups which we support

3. Education.

We are happy to respond to enquiries for help, and support.  If you think we can be of help get in touch.

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