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Privacy Statement

We are a volunteer group whose only aim is to promote our activities in North Berwick through this web site. 


Web sites by their nature collect information to help them function and improve your browsing experience.


Our website collects anonymous statistics about your visit. Visitors are counted in a simple numeric fashion thus providing information on the number of site visits and the pages accessed.  We do not know who you are. 


It is common practice to use cookies to make your visit to our site simple and trouble free.  Cookies are small pieces of data stored on YOUR computer which remember key information so you can browse easily.   We make no use of cookie information which is shared as a result of your visit.  Remember you can always delete your cookies once your visit is complete. 


We provide a number of fields through which you can contact us using an e-mail address.  We may use your email address to reply to you but we do not store names or e-mail addresses and will never pass them to a third party. 

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