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North Berwick has a range of extensive open spaces each managed in a different way.  Along the coast the raised beach has two putting greens, two golf courses and a wildflower meadow.  The Lodge Grounds has nine hectares of grass with many mature trees and is managed for informal recreation.  The ten hectare Recreation Park has three grass sports pitches, a full size all-weather 3G pitch as well as a children’s play area with play equipment, a skateboard area with half-pike and an enclosed basketball court  The 613 ft Law covers 36.6 hectares of unimproved grassland and scrub of high conservation value, and attracts many walkers for its summit views of the Firth of Forth and East Lothian countryside.  The wooded valley of the Glen with its burn is the largest area of woodland in the town. Comprising the Glen, Coos' Green, Castlehill and the Greenheads this area covers 14.8 ha. The outdoor spaces are managed with thought to the following areas and activities.

1. Biodiversity

2. Sustainability

3. Education

4. Conservation and Wildlife

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