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The Challenge: Repurpose old used polystyrene fishboxes and have fun creating a display, whatever your age or ability.  The challenge is now over but you can still do this for yourself.

​Watch the short video made in 2021 which explains how to repurpose a fish box.

From this




          to this

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See some of the efforts from previous years to inspire you:

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Where can I get a fishbox from? These can be obtained from a fishmonger.

What size fishbox should I use?  The size of the fishbox you use does not matter.  Remember that if it is a large planter, by the time it is filled with plants it might be quite heavy and difficult to transport.

What sort of compost should I use? If you are using bedding plants or vegetables including salads, multipurpose compost is fine. If you are using alpines or succulent plants, you need clean garden soil or John Innes compost mixed with an equal quantity of grit.

There is no reason why the planter cannot be used for many years, so think about planting spring bulbs, or creating a winter display at home. Fish box troughs can last over ten years. Any scrapes caused by contact with sharp objects can be touched up with some paint. When you have finally finished with your recycled fishbox planter, dispose of it carefully at the refuse centre.

Planted boxes are strong enough to be moved provided you use some care. They should always be lifted evenly from the base; this will require two people for all but the smallest size.  Never try and slide them by pulling on a side as this will always result in a breakage. 

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