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The Challenge: Repurpose old used polystyrene fishboxes and create summer displays throughout North Berwick.Since the aim is to get North Berwick looking great you can start creating your fishbox garden NOW!!!.  Have fun creating a display for yourself or in the town, whatever your age or ability.


Once your box is planted up, water and tend your plants and when its looking its best, drop us an email with a photo and show us what you have created, especially if you have used plants which are at their best early in the season.


Our aim is to be able to support events in the summer such as Fringe by the Sea with Fishbox displays, also to have a display outside the Abbey Church. 


Why not enter the competition?  You can enter as many times as you like.  For example, you might like to have a box comprising plants which are at their best early in the season and then replace or re-plant it with plants which are their best in late summer or early autumn.  Don't forget to take a photo of your box(es) when its at its best  The competition categories can be found below:

​Watch the short video made in 2021 which explains how to repurpose a fish box.

From this




          to this

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The three categories below each have a class for U18 and over 18.


Best Individual Wildlife Friendly display

Best Individual Horticultural display 

Best community group – are you part of a community group, don't forget to let us know which group.


There is also a category for the Best Family display– involve all the family to create your unique fishbox display.



All displays must include living plants, but additional items can be added to enhance the overall presentation.  The judges will be looking at the overall impression, the quality and selection of plants in your planters.


See some of last year’s entries below:

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To enter the challenge, send a photo of your display, state what categories and classes you wish to enter and provide your name and address. Email to by Monday 18th July 2022.


If entrants are under 18, entries should be submitted by a parent or guardian and the age of the entrant should be given on the email.

​The judges’ decision is final, in sending your photos you confirm that the photograph is your own and agree that the photos can be used by North Berwick in Bloom and North Berwick Gardening Club on their websites and in any publicity.



Where can I get a fishbox from? These can be obtained from a fishmonger, North Berwick in Bloom also have a small supply, email


What size fishbox should I use?  The size of the fishbox you use does not matter.  Remember that if it is a large planter, by the time it is filled with plants it might be quite heavy and difficult to transport.

Where can I see a finished fishbox planter?  We have planted up a fishbox, it is placed outside the front of the Abbey Church in the High Street, there are also some created by others.


We don’t have a garden, where can I put my fishbox?  Email us and we will help you find somewhere in the town where you can look after your box.


What sort of compost should I use? If you are using bedding plants or vegetables including salads, multipurpose compost is fine. If you are using alpines or succulent plants, you need clean garden soil or John Innes compost mixed with an equal quantity of grit.


What can you do with the planter at the end of the competition? There is no reason why it cannot be used for many years, so think about planting spring bulbs, or creating a winter display at home. Fish box troughs can last over ten years. Any scrapes caused by contact with sharp objects can be touched up with some paint. When you have finally finished with your recycled fishbox planter, dispose of it carefully at the refuse centre.

Can I enter more than one category? Yes, for example, you might have an individual entry, but equally be part of a group.

Planted boxes are strong enough to be moved provided you use some care. They should always be lifted evenly from the base; this will require two people for all but the smallest size.  Never try and slide them by pulling on a side as this will always result in a breakage. If you are sliding them in and out of a car then place them on a sheet of newspaper and push them from near the base.

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