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NBIB Tulip festival 2020

Everyone will remember this years tulip festival for different reasons. It felt as if the flowers were particularly spectacular this year; perhaps because of the good weather, the regular watering or just because we have had more time to enjoy them. Luckily the bulbs had been planted well before the Covid lockdown was announced and many people were able to enjoy the amazing displays while out on their daily exercise walks or on the way to the shops. For those who had to stay at home, there have been hundreds of pictures posted twitter.  Many people commented on the flowers and expressed thanks that the display took place.

This was the first time that the tulip festival has had to be 'virtual' with an informative tulip leaflet designed by Rosie Oberlander and a video tea party and review (see below) generated from some of the pictures captured by the NBiB members. A colourful window display could be seen in Sweet News complete with a pom pom to publicise these.

The Tulips will return in 2021 when we hope we can see you in person

tulip 2020-Page1.jpg
tulip 2020-Page2.jpg

Below are two short slide shows.  One created at the start of the festival showing many of the team and one put together as a memento of the event. (don't forget to click on the box to go full screen)

                  The NBiB team take tea                                             The tulips of 2020

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