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Pallet Gardens shown at gardening Scotland

NBIB entered a pallet garden at Gardening Scotland since the competition started in 2006 until its cancellation in the 2020 pandemic winning a series of gold medals.  We also help the children of Law Primary School with their pallets and during this time and displayed both in the High Street throughout  the summer. Take a few minutes to view these gardens



The 2019 pallet, 'Lest We Forget',  commemorated  the aftermath of the First World War. Although the war ended in November 1918 it was the following spring and summer 1919 when wildflowers recolonised the battle fields. The pallet also drew attention to the many horses, dogs and other animals that died in the war.


The public voted this pallet the People’s Choice in the Gardening Scotland show.

Previous Entries


Law Primary's 2019 pallet garden entry was prepared by class P4C: 'Hitting the High Notes' showing some of the many connections between music and flowers. The class collected musical instruments and plants included several varieties of Campanulas (bell flowers), Calla (trumpet) lily, Tiarella 'Spring Symphony', Petunia 'Million Bells', Ajuga reptans (Bugle) and Viola, as well as Burns' 'Red, Red Rose' and the music for 'Flower of Scotland'.

Law Primary Schools Previous entries

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