It is important that the web site continues to look good.  This means that we adhere to the agreed style.

If you are editing the site be aware that it has default settings which it will run to if it gets confused.  It may move things as you type.  For example it seems to prefer Arial fonts where we are using Verdana.  It will change the line spacing.  So here is a crib sheet of settings which might help you if the wheels come off.

Its important that the site is kept up to date so please make changes and if something happens that you can’t fix mail me (


When you are in the editor you have to navigate around the site using the control panel on the left.  The icon on the top when activated lets you have access to pages.  You will see hidden pages to which you now have access.  Indeed if you should be reading this from the hidden page – use this during editing.  Don’t change anything in here including the visibility of hidden pages without the agreement of the committee.

The basics for the site viewed on a PC/laptop.  Phone info to follow soon


We are using Verdana throughout.  Christine took advice from special needs groups and this has been chosen for readability.

The headings are set at 30 point.

The body text is 18 point with 1.5 line spacing

Captions to the pictures etc are 15 point with 1.5 line spacing.


We are not using bold or italics.  There is one exception in the awards section where it seemed the only solution to the layout


Margins: (Notice the control strip/panel on the right of the page)

The strip banners at the top of the pages (Home apart) are the width of the page (980px).  And start at a position of Y 110.

Try to keep the spacing continuity.  The text boxes are placed 20px in from the left and finish 20px from the right.  It requires a bit of finger maths. 

Where one box finishes and another (or a picture) follows leave a 20px space between the items (use the right hand panel to set this).



If you want to link a picture or a phrase to another part of the site or an external site.

For pictures left click on the picture – change image should appear - and pick the paper clip (second to last). 


If you are linking to a page in the web site, pick the page from the list which appears when you choose the down arrow – leave this set at current page.

If you are linking to an external page.  Click on web address.  It will then ask you to paste in a web address.  Note it changes to new window i.e. Our web site remains live. 


If you are linking text.  Start by initiating the “edit Text” – the text settings box should appear.  Block out the text you want to link (it should be on a blue background) as if you were copying it.  Click on the paper clip (on the line below Font size) and follow the instructions above.  Finally change the colour to blue of that piece of text using the A with tear drop button on the same line as the paperclip.  And if it hasn’t underline the text too.  This will identify the text as a link.


Pictures:  In the main body of the web site pictures can be any size we want.  However if you can keep them at an aspect ratio of 10x8 so most are the same. 

You will notice the rotating galleries.  The photos in here must be 10x8 otherwise the programme running the slideshow will crop the picture as it sees fit.  Feel free to give this a go and if you get into problems mail me.  Its important that people learn how to do this so valiant failure is to be applauded.  I plan to put more rotating galleries in to the various sections as good pictures arrive.  If you want one done left me know and I will update the one you want to edit as a priority


Uploading pictures

You have to upload any pictures you want into the image pool.  If you click on the ADD icon on the left and then click on image uploads.  You will see lots of pictures.  Use the upload media (top left) to move your picture from your PC to the pool.  Notice if you remove a picture from the web site it remains in the pool.  You then need to add the picture to the page.

If you want to replace a picture, I have found it best to just delete the picture you don't want (it stays in the pool so if anyone objects its easy to put it back) and then add the picture you want.  The replace function is not happy if the pictures are not exactly the same size


The site will support videos.  As yet there none loaded (this will change).  If you want to post a video Click on the add image button (third down on left) and upload the media file into the pool.  Get in touch and I will sort it out (I will update this message when its all worked out).  Videos of less than 30 sec are of poor vlaue compared to a decent picture