North Berwick in Bloom

Fish Box Challenge 2021

Join us in creating a display of mini-planters in and around North Berwick and enter the NBiB Fish Box Challenge - A gardening competition for all. 


Have fun creating a floral display for yourself or in the town whatever your age or ability.

AIM: To repurpose used polystyrene fish boxes as planters and create summer displays throughout North Berwick.   



CREATING A FISHBOX CONTAINER: entrants can either source their own used fishboxes or apply to NBIB via email.


Two sizes available (insert sizes)or should we just use the smallest size bearing in mind need to transport??. NBIB to source boxes and arrange a place for them to be picked up…..possibly kept in a bulk bag to right of Abbey Church? Volunteers to monitor NBIB email? See video for instructions on how to turn your fish box into a planter. Fill your box with chosen materials, water and tend as necessary and prepare to enter the competition. Aim to have the box looking its best for the week commencing 26 July 2021 COMPETITION Categories: (need to insert a bit for each about what the judges will be looking for) Individual. In of the 4 categories below there will be 3 classes; U12, U18 and over 18s. Best Horticultural Display Best Wildlife Friendly Display Best use of recycled materials Best decorated container Group Best street display Best community group display ?? ENTRY: To enter the challenge, send a photo with your name and address to by 19th July 2021. JUDGING: Fishbox displays should be placed in your front garden for the week commencing 26 July when the judges will tour North Berwick. (???Possible judges, Stan, Andrew Hogarth, Provost John McMillan) Winning boxes will be displayed outside the Abbey Church during August 2020 and should be collected by the winners at beginning of September (note August Bank holiday is Monday 30 August, dismantle displays after that?) AFTER THE COMPETITION: There is no reason why scontainer cannot be used for several years, so think about planting spring bulbs, or creating a winter display at home. Finally, when finished with your recycled fishbox planter, dispose of it carefully. Maybe put in something about future care, transporting? See below. Ref Ian Young, LONG-LIVED AND INDESTRUCTIBLE Our original fish box troughs are now over ten years old and are still going strong. Any scrapes caused by contact with sharp objects will allow the white of the polystyrene to show through, but they are easily touched up with some paint. Planted boxes are strong enough to be moved provided you use some care. They should always be lifted evenly from the base; this will require two people for all but the smallest size. Never try and slide them by pulling on a side as this will always result in a breakage. If you are sliding them in and out of a car then place them on a sheet of newspaper and push them from near the base.

To Enter

Photos should be taken in August  2020 and sent to  clearly giving name and address.  All entries should be received by 29th August 2020.

If entrants are under 18, entries should be submitted by a parent or guardian and the age of the entrant should be given on the email.

​The judges’ decision is final, in sending your photos you confirm that the photograph is your own and agree that the photos can be used by North Berwick in Bloom, North Berwick Gardening Club and Sustaining North Berwick on their websites and in any publicity.


​The results of our challenge will be announced by 19 September 2020 and posted on the North Berwick Gardening Club website and North Berwick in Bloom website

Sunflower drawings courtesy of Ellina, Charlotte and Amelia from Law Primary School.